If you are already a trained* coach or have taken our coach certification programme then you can acquire the additional knowledge, contexts and skills to become a Certified Recovery and Wellness Coach

*see requirements below

Benefits of joining us


All the training, tools, and support you need to develop your own Recovery and Wellness Coaching Practice or enhance your existing practice.

1 year free membership in FRC – the most respected Recovery and Wellness Coaching organisation in the world.

Access to and certification in all Speciality Modules as they are available:  Diabetes, Obesity/Weight Loss, Substance/Behavioural Misuse and Addiction, etc.

Receive certification and accreditation, align with best practices and code of ethics through our international governing body, IRWCCB.


Passive income: coaches can earn income through business building with us and our affiliate coach program.

Access to all Tele-classes, Business Support Calls, Supervision/Support Calls and guest webinars.

Be the first in your community to offer clients this ground breaking resource by participating in the multi-billion dollar field of lifestyle and behavioural change to wellness challenge.


Credentialing costs and process assistance for the IRWCCB credential. (International Recovery Wellness Coaching Credentialing Board) is included.

Discount ticket to attend our annual World Online International Conference. (Oct 2017 )

Be listed in our international directory launching in 2017 with the potential to be reached directly by thousands of clients looking for a recovery and wellness coach.

An assigned PPM (Personal Program Mentor) who will assist you individually through our training program to ensure you get the most from it.

Find colleagues and foster friendships by being part of our international community.



Recovery and Wellness Coach Speciality Training Programme

logo  Essentials Module

  Delivery: 2 Days F 2 F OR Online Learning –  15  Training hours

RECOVERY LOGO 200 x 200 Recovery Module

Delivery: ONLINE LEARNING – Teleclasses  Training Hrs. 10  Practice Hrs.  6

WELLNESS LOGO 200 x 200 Wellness Module

Delivery: ONLINE LEARNING – Teleclasses  Training Hrs. 10  Practice Hrs.  6

Speciailty M 90x90 - Copia Speciality Module

Delivery: ONLINE LEARNING – Teleclasses  Training Hrs. 10  Practice Hrs.  6

Diabetes  I  Eating/weight issues I Mental health  I  Gambling

Alcohol use Substance and Behavior Misuse and Addiction I PTSD/Veteran Cancer


Total training hours 45           Total practice 18.

Get PDF of programme here

“I see recovery and wellness coaching as playing a key role in the field of healthcare.  I think that it should be used in all aspects; from helping people to design what they want their recovery to look like, supporting them through the process and continuing when they are no longer engaging with other services.”                                                                        

Jackie Yeshia

To get started and join please select one of the following.

We make it easy and affordable for coaches with flexible payment options



Requirements for the programme

EITHER You have a current credential with one of the following:

ICF at ACC or higher


Association of Coaching at Associate Member level or higher

IF you do not hold either of the above then the following requirements also allow you to qualify.

At least:

65 Hrs Coaching specific training
and a minimum 100 hours client coaching practice experience

If you are below the required coaching experience hours we have a programme in place to help you reach the 100 hours requirement before you complete our programme.

Please contact us about this.

If you are unsure as to whether you qualify or if you have any questions please contact us and we will do what we can to assist.

  Overview of the Training Programme

The development of the speciality of Recovery and Wellness Coaching for coaches involves engaging in our modular training and learning programme.

Modules must be taken in the order shown at your own pace.

The training is delivered provided by a combination of reading, video, podcasts, teleclasses and live webinars with, in some modules, structured practice coaching

The modules include multiple choice exams which are required as part of the course. 


Once you have completed the training you will have acquired enough training hours to be eligible to apply for certification

as a CRWC – Certified Recovery & Wellness Coach from the IRWCCB

There are other minimum requirements to be able to apply for this credential which can be found here

FRC Membership

On completion you will be listed as an Associate Member of the FRC in our International Directory listing launching September 2017

Your membership fees for the first year of your FRC membership are included with your training programme.