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Become a Certified Professional Coach


Our unique coach training program will teach you the core fundamentals you will need to be a well grounded and skilled coach. Upon completion of the course you will be ready to fully embark into your own private practice or go to the next level  by becoming a Certified Recovery and Wellness Coach and apply to be an FRC contract coach.

About the Training Programme


Through face to face, Tele-classes, on line work and  practice coaching, you will learn:


Principles, Contexts and Skills

Underlying principles of coaching: What is coaching, why does it work?

• Understand coaching orientation.

• Learn and practice Core skills and their application.


Proficiencies & Tools

• Become familiar of several different coaching tools and pathways, how and when to use them.

• Become proficient at deep listening: Develop the skill of listening at deeper levels. Listen with your other senses.

• Awaken your sense of Intuition. Intuition is an integral part of great coaching.

• Play at being Curious: A coach’s most important tool, curiosity, is the light hearted way to follow your client.

• Creating conscious relationships: Learn the parameters of the coaching relationship and how to create them in a meaningful way with your clients


Specializing, The business side, Best Practice

• The business of coaching: It is more than printing business cards. We have been there… Setting up your practice. Finding clients.

• Understand and apply the coach’s code of ethics.

• Choosing your specialities: What, who, how?


Practice, Peer Coaching, Be coached

• Peer coaching and practice coaching

• The coach in training coaches and receives coaching throughout the program.

The journey a coach-in-training takes during training is a marvellous one indeed. The insights, self discovery, shifting of attitudes, surprises, release of the old and embracing of the new, and so much more is waiting to enfold along the way. The best prize though, is at the end, when you realize this is the journey you will take your clients on everyday.


By the end of Certified Foundational Core Coach Training  training, you will have enough class hours and practice time to apply to join any accreditation body for coaches as a fully certified coach.


To become certified and accredited by the IRWCCB, you will need to specialize by continuing on to our Certified Recovery and Wellness Coach Speciality Training program which will certify you as a Recovery and Wellness Coach with the option of holding several Specialities such as Diabetes, PTSD, Cancer, Substance/Behavioral Misuse, Obesity/Weight Loss,




Certified Foundational Coach Training



FRWCT (1) (1) Fundamentals

Delivery: 2 days Face to Face Training  – Training Hrs. 15 


FRWCT LOGO 1 Foundational Part 1

Delivery: 3 days Face to Face – Teleclasses 3  Training Hrs. 35  Practice Hrs.  10


FRWCT LOGO 2 Foundational Part 2

  Delivery: 3 days Face to Face – Teleclasses 3  Training Hrs. 35  Practice Hrs.  15 


Training hours 85           Practice hours 25

FRC Training Programme for Recovery to Wellness Coaches – Multi Disciplinary






Need more info or have questions? Please contact us

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BLUE CIRCLE  Foundational Coach Training Programme

The 3 part programme consists of comprehensive, effective and flexible trainings designed to train and teach powerful and transformative coaching skills to participants to form the Coaching skill set and competencies applicable across all Recovery & Wellness Coaching Specialities and Executive and Organisational Coaching.

We provide a mix of face to face live training as well as self-paced materials and live teleclasses to provide a variety of training experiences.

You will have access to your dedicated programme mentor and trainer who will support you through your coach training journey.

Your trainings have been devised by leaders in this coaching niche.


RED CIRCLE Universal Application

While this training programme builds towards a Recovery and Wellness or Executive and Organisational focus, all the principles in the training and the skills learned will equip you to coach individuals in a wide range of coaching niches.

Once you have integrated your coaching skills with your life experience and professional background you will be in a position to build your coaching business.


GREEN Support for Business Building

Being professionally and inspirationally trained to be a coach is vital to success but it is only half the challenge for those coaches wishing to set up on their own and build a thriving coaching business.

For this reason we believe that what happens after training is as important (if not more important) than what happens during.


GRAY CIRCLE After completing your training you will be able to:

  • Become an officially recognized member of FRC International
  • Be listed in our  Coaches Directory so that you have a web presence right away
  • Join our free supervisor, support and business support calls run online
  • Access ongoing additional interesting training modules from our learning site
  • Become an Affiliate of our store (opening 2015) and provide coaching and healthcare related products to you clients
  • with a discount for them and a commission for you
  • Attend our International Recovery and Wellness Coaching Conference either in person or via on-line
  • Access resources to support your coaching work on your FRC membership site
  • Start building your recovery and wellness coaching practice within your existing client group or generate a new one




There are no requirements for this training program



Once you have completed the training and acquired your certificate you will have enough training hours to be eligible to apply for your credential

as a CRWC – Certified Recovery & Wellness Coach from the IRWCCB


There are other minimum requirements to be able to apply for this credential

which can be found here



FRC Membership

On completion you will be listed as an Associate Member of the FRC in our International Directory listing

Your membership fees for the first year of your FRC membership are included with your training programme


To enrol please contact us

The training has had a huge impact on me and has been incredibly beneficial. I feel as though I have been unburdened of the worries that had been weighing me down. I feel lighter, calmer, I have a sense of peace and have more energy. The transformation in how I feel has been astounding and the impact that this has had on me should not be underestimated. It is incredibly liberating to learn that A. I am able to choose how I feel about a situation, and that B. Everyone is both evolving and complete; they are not ‘broken’ and it is not my (nor anyone else’s) responsibility to ‘fix’ them. People are the experts in their own lives and are exactly where they are supposed to be.                                                                    

Holly Margetts